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The quarry is situated on the south end of the Bolesławieckie Foothills, which constitutes the most northward part of the Kaczawskie Foothills and the whole Sudety. The Bolesławieckie Foothills stretch between the River Bóbr and the River Skora, they border with the depression of the Zbylutów Rift Valley in the south and they gently slopes down into the Silesian Lowland.

The “JAN Zylutów IV” Quarry exploits finerained sandstone of different colours: from white to yellow. Our sandstone is distinguished by high weather resistance and durability, with relatively high mechanical and manual workability.

The Zbylutów sandstones have been exploited for a long time and used for the construction of buildings in Wrocław, Poznań, Hanover, Rotterdam and many more cities of the whole Europe.

Sandstone from the “Zbylutów IV” Quarry meets the requirements for materials for production of outer floor panels.
The material is used for elevation, floors, stairs, fireplaces, benches, plant pots and many others.

parameters of our stone

  • Compression strength in air-dry state 54.6 Mpa
  • Resistance to frost 25 cycles (full)
  • Density 2630 kg/cu.m

Contact Details

Telephone numbers:

  +48 667 701 633

  +48 605 631 411

  +48 663 950 602


Contact Details

  +48 663 950 602
  +48 605 631 411
  +48 663 950 602
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Company details

Kopalnia Piaskowca JAN Zbylutów IV - Jan Cołokidzi
59-700 Bolesławiec, ul. Kościuszki 60
NIP: 612-132-54-54
REGON : 230939710